Chicken with Yellow Curry

Cook Time :

Prep: 10 min / Cook: 10 min / Ready In: 20 min

Ingredient :

Chicken thigh 1 piece                                      

Potatoes 1/4 cup

Onion 1/4 cup

White Monkey Yellow Curry Dipping Sauce 2 pouches

Fried Onion 1 tbsp

Water 1/2 cup

Seasoning (Sugar, Salt or fish sauce) as you like

Coriander leaf and Tomatoes (For garnishing)

Preparation :

  1. Place the chicken in a bowl. Seasoning the chicken with 1 pouch of the Yellow curry dipping sauce on the chicken. Mix well, put aside to marinade for 5-10 min.
  2. Heat the saucepan. Pour another pouch of yellow curry dipping sauce in the saucepan and add some water.
  3. Add Potatoes and onion in the saucepan, simmer for a couple minute.
  4. Low heat, the chicken into the pan and simmer until the chicken cooked through and the vegetable are tender.
  5. Garnish with Coriander leaf and Tomatoes then serve with rice or bread or flatbread.


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