Why Choose Us?


We aim to ‘create Thai product that understand international user’


Thai food is well known, as one of the most popular cuisines worldwide. However, the process of preparing Thai food is delicate and detailed, from preparing raw materials to cooking process. As a result, cooking Thai food in a normal way requires a lot of time and it is hard to make the dish right if you miss any ingredients.

As mentioned above, we thrive to bring the easiness and simplicity to Thai Cuisine cooking process so Thai food is easily possible for everyone to enjoy cooking while getting the original Thai taste.


About Us


Pianta Co.,Ltd is the expert of the Thai spices. We develop unique Thai sauce and Asian Sauces like no others. Cooking sauce and Dipping sauce are our specialization. Recently we have just released 3 amazing ready-to-eat products namely Green Curry Dipping Sauce, Red Curry Dipping Sauce and Yellow Curry Dipping Sauce.

Our manufacturing process has been certified for various food standards i.e. British Retailer Consortium BRC and International Food Standard IFS.

Our mission is to create valuable Thai products that resonate with our customer lifestyle. We aim to provide the best quality, most convenient and authentic taste.